Canada, a vast and diverse nation renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, friendly citizens, and robust economic landscape, has continued to be a prime destination for foreign direct investment (FDI).
Growing concerns about a skilled labour shortage in Canada are our reality, and Alberta is no exception. Canada’s skilled trades labour shortage is getting worse according to a new report which shows that 21% of the current labour force will retire by 2030 and not enough new people are entering the industry to cover these retirements.
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High job vacancies and labour shortages are occurring because population aging has accelerated in Canada and the unemployment rate remains near record low. A rise in the number of permanent and temporary immigrants could also represent additional challenges for many regions of the country specifically related to housing infrastructure and other services.
Temporary Foreign Worker Program
With growing labour and skills shortages across the country, many Canadian employers are struggling to fill jobs that are essential to their operations. The Government of Canada recognizes these challenges and wants to help employers hire the workers they need, while also reducing the administrative burden of such a task and ensuring temporary foreign workers are protected from abuse.