June 3rd, 2024: New guidelines for AAIP

AAIP just announced the following changes to the program, due to the volume of the applications and available nominations for 2024.

Each month a targeted number of applications will be accepted into the pool from where AAIP will draw candidates. This approach provides applicants with multiple opportunities to apply and access the program year-round, as we can read from the AAIP website.

It is still unclear if we are going to see one main pool for all candidates or several, separate pools.  Also, the exact opening time of those pools, what criteria will AAIP take to ‘draw’ candidates and how long will your profile be active. Regardless, it is an excellent idea to start preparing applicants now.

Eligibility criteria for the Alberta Opportunity Stream, Rural Renewal Stream, Accelerated Tech Pathway, and Tourism and Hospitality Stream have not changed.

However, effective June 11, 2024, those streams and pathways have adopted the new approach.  


  • Applications will be accepted monthly, the first intake date will be June 11th, and as follows:
    • June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10, October 8, November 5, and December 10


When a stream or pathway monthly application target is reached, no further applications will be accepted until the next date. Application acceptance dates, application targets, and processing times are posted on AAIP processing times and application levels. They are subject to change.


We are ready to assist you with the preparation of your file!

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