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About Premier Visa and Immigration Services

Premier Visa and Immigration Services assists Canadian businesses in selecting and recruiting excellent Temporary Foreign Workers. We use various Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) pathways and LMIA exempt applications following the unique business needs of our clients.

We work with companies in multiple fields: hospitality, transportation, IT, farming, cleaning, retail, and more. With more than 50 years of combined professional experience in this field, our team is in a unique position to assist you!

We have two Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants on our team and we are fully licensed to recruit Temporary Foreign Workers in the Provence of British Columbia (IS-0009115). In addition. our firm is an authorized national and International Employment Agency operating under the Government of Alberta License #35422.

Nikola Misina

RCIC / Founder / Chief Inspirational Officer

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Personal Immigration

A group of wide-ranging personal immigration programs that allow foreigners to emigrate to Canada.

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About Us

We are a team consisting of dedicated and passionate immigration professionals! Our firm has two Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC), multiple recruiters, contractors, and international contacts with a wealth of experience processing all types of visas and permits. We are fully licensed in British Columbia and Alberta to recruit international workers and provide professional immigration services!

We work with corporate clients to determine optimal staffing levels and create unique ways of recruitment and immigration.

Having worked in the system for many years, our staff understands the specifics of all types of immigrant and non-immigrant applications. We have been immigrants ourselves and have personally gone through challenging immigration processes in both the USA and Canada. Along with C1-D, J1, H1B, and H4 Visas in the USA, we have held Work Permits, Student Permits, and Permanent Residency Status in Canada.

The decision to move to a new country is a difficult one and the immigration law process can be confusing, long, and often complicated. Therefore, Premier Visa and Immigration Services REALLY understands how stressful the immigration process is and we are here for you every step of the way. We empathize with each client throughout the complex immigration process, understand your dreams and celebrate your joys and successes.

Our employment division handles all aspects of the international recruitment process, including advertisements, screening, interviews, background checks, eligibility assessment, arranging interviews with employers via video call, work permit applications arrival assistance, and settlement.  

Our team specializes in the following applications: Low/High-wage, Agricultural, PR LMIA, and Global Talent Stream LMIA applications, International Mobility Program, Intra-Company Transfers (ICT), Business Immigration, LMIA Owner-Operator, PNP applications, Express Entry, Permanent Residency Applications, Family Sponsorship and more!  

We listen, we fight, you win!

Our Team

Nikola Misina

President of Premier Immigration Services

Dejana Misina

Director of Client

Rishi Sharma

Client Specialist

Navkiran Kaur

Case Processing Officer

Lena Tran Le

Client Services Representative

Joralyn Baludio

Administrative Assistant

Nilotpal Das

Client Services Representative

Anne Cusi

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Our vison is to create a global network connecting talented students and employees with North American universities and businesses.


To be outstanding advocates for our clients and make their immigration process stress free through applying our complex knowledge of the process to helping clients meet their immigration objectives.

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We welcome and reward referrals, in fact, the majority of our business is based on referrals. In Premier Visa and Immigration we know the value of networking. If you would like to earn extra income, we welcome you to become a Referral Affiliate for our Immigration consulting firm.

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