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Premier Visa and Immigration Services assists Canadian businesses in selecting and recruiting excellent Temporary Foreign Workers. We use various Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) pathways and LMIA-exempt applications, as per the unique business needs of our clients. We work with companies in multiple fields such as hospitality, transportation, IT, farming, cleaning, retail, and more. With more than fifty years of combined professional experience in this field, our team is in a unique position to assist you! We have two Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants on our team, and we are fully licensed to recruit Temporary Foreign Workers in the Province of British Columbia (IS-0009115). Additionally, our firm is an authorized National and International Employment Agency operating under the Government of Alberta License #35422.

Dejana Misina

Director of Client Services
Dejana Misina

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We are dedicated, passionate, and fun immigration professionals! We check EVERY application three times making sure it is perfect. We speak many different languages such as English, Serbian, Tagalog, Farsi, Punjabi, and Hindi. 

Mr. Misina is an Author of several books published on Amazon.ca such as Owner Operator LMIA Guidebook, How to Find LMIA Jobs in Canada, Start-up Visa Guidebook, Intra Company Transferees (ICT) Guidebook and Immigrating to Alberta as a Business Investor.

Our employment division handles all aspects of the international recruitment process, including advertisements, screening, interviews, background checks, eligibility assessment, arranging interviews with employers via video call, work permit applications arrival assistance, and settlement.  

In addition, we assist skilled foreign entrepreneurs, and investors to find the best solution for transferring their brilliant business plan to Canada!

Our Team

Nikola Misina

RCIC / Chief Inspirational Officer

Dejana Misina

Director of Client Services

Rishi Sharma

VP of Client Success

Solmaz Senobari

RCIC / Case Processing Officer

Joralyn Baludio

Administrative Assistant

Anne Cusi

Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Open Work Permits

An open work permit in Canada is a type of employment authorization that allows foreign nationals to work for any employer across the country, without the need for a specific job offer at the time of application. Unlike employer-specific work permits, which tie an employee to a single employer or job, open work permits provide greater flexibility and mobility within the Canadian labor market.

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How many LMIA can employer get?

Navigating the complexities of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process can be challenging for Canadian employers. One common question is: how many LMIAs can an employer get?

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