Success Stories

Deepika Halpe
Deepika Halpe

Thrilled beyond measure to announce a monumental victory for Deepika Halpe and her incredible family—a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring immigrants! Together, they embarked on a life-altering journey, crossing borders and defying odds to finally call the breathtaking landscapes of Cranbrook, BC their home. What’s even more awe-inspiring? All five members of this amazing family simultaneously secured their work and study permits in the UAE—a triumph that speaks volumes of their resolve and our dedication.


Sucess story

Congratulations to Harsimran Singh and our dedicated associate, Rishi Sharma, on this remarkable achievement! Their relentless efforts and expertise in immigration services have once againproven to be a winning combination. The successful submission and approval of the work permit is a testament to their unwavering commitment to helping individuals navigate the complex immigration process.