LABOUR SHORTAGES: Temporary Foreign Workers are the key

Canada has been one of the top places that people opt to study, work, visit, and live. Known for being a diverse, multicultural country and richly blessed, aside from beautiful places and scenic views, Canada has to offer to cater to the needs of the majority, and various expanded pathways will help you gain experience […]

Removal to process list in Alberta

As of May 1, 2022, the Alberta government is lifting restrictions on hiring new temporary foreign workers to help employers meet their workforce needs by removing all occupations identified on the ‘refusal to process’ list. This list had been created to prioritize jobs for unemployed Albertans due to the pandemic. The Provence is further stating that all […]

Record-low unemployment in Canada

The record-low unemployment rate in Canada is a sign of the post-Covid 19 recovery. Service Canada implemented some positive changes in regards to the Temporary Foreign Worker program. IRCC is still to catch up some processing centers are experiencing huge backlogs. Some overseas processing centers take several months, but some need several years to approve […]

Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to address labour shortages across Canada 

A temporary foreign worker helps Canadian employers in filling up the labour shortages. With their rich talent, they aid Canadian employers in running out their businesses smoothly when there are no Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents available to perform the work. In February 2022, Canada added 337,000 jobs, bringing our unemployment rate to 5.5% – […]

LMIA Approvals for a new Mexican Restaurant in Kamloops, BC!

This week we had the privilege to assist our new client, a recently opened and already well-known Mexican Restaurant in Kamloops. They have been in the business for less than one year but provided the required business documents and a solid business plan for growth! We successfully approved 2 LMIA applications for their Cooks in […]

-Immigration Applications for Ukrainian Nationals-

For Ukrainians who want to come to Canada temporarily, IRCC will create a Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel, available for individuals fleeing Ukraine. There will be no limit to the number of Ukrainians who can apply. This is the fastest, safest, and most efficient way for Ukrainians to come to Canada and eliminates many of […]