Significant Benefit to Canada- Canadian Interests- LMIA exempt  Work Permits


The International Mobility Program lets employers hire temporary workers without a lengthy Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application.  An applicant would need to demonstrate that his employment will lead to broader economic, cultural, or other competitive advantages for Canada.

With the globalization of the world today, international labor mobility is a common phenomenon. Canada has emerged as a major country that has attracted many skilled workers from across the globe. 

One of the main avenues for temporary workers to be employed in Canada is through the Temporary Work Permit Program. Among the various pathways to obtaining a work permit in Canada, one avenue is through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exemption under section C-10 of the International Mobility Program. 

At the heart of the LMIA exemption lies a recognition of the invaluable contributions that foreign workers bring to Canada’s socio-economic landscape. By streamlining the hiring process for employers, the LMIA exemption speeds up the recruitment of skilled professionals. This not only encourages innovation in the workplace, spurs economic growth, but also addresses labor market shortages. 

Unlike the traditional LMIA route, which requires a rigorous assessment of reasonable employment needs by Service Canada of the labor market impact, the C-10 exemption looks at the inherent benefits that certain job positions to Canada. In addition, an applicant can be self-employed and start his/her own company.


Enhancing Global Competitiveness

One of the key pros of this exemption is its ability to enhance Canada’s global competitiveness. In our globalized world, businesses thrive on diversity and talent from diverse backgrounds. By welcoming skilled workers under this exemption, Canadian companies can enrich their labor force with a diverse array of perspectives and expertise.


Significant benefit considerations

Significant includes but is not limited to an assessment of how the employment of the foreign national will provide general economic support for Canada such as job creation, expansion of export markets for Canadian products and services and other cultural or social benefits.

An applicant would need to demonstrate a potential on advancement of a Canadian industry such as technological development, product or service innovation, or opportunities for improving the skills of Canadians.


Cultural Enrichment

Crucially, the benefits also extend beyond the working environment to encompass cultural enrichment and societal cohesion. Canada’s multiculturalism is a source of pride and strength and by welcoming immigrants from around the world, Canada can further embrace this cultural diversity and promote cross-cultural exchange. The presence of skilled immigrants also means the transfer of knowledge, skills, and cultural traditions in Canada’s social fabric. 

Some of the examples that would be accepted as proof of cultural benefit are:

  • National or international awards or patents
  • Membership of an organization that requires excellence of its members
  • Membership of a peer review panel or an authority to judge the work of others has been
  • Recognition for achievements and significant contributions to their field by peers, governmental organizations, or professional or business associations have made scientific or scholarly contributions to their field
  • publications in academic or industry field
  • leading role in an organization with a distinguished reputation
  • person renowned for their artistic and cultural endeavors


Social benefit considerations

A foreign national who demonstrates that his/her work will provide significant benefit to Canada and Canadians will be an excellent candidate. Some examples are:

  • Addressing health and safety threats to Canadians or permanent residents
  • Promoting the improvement of a community’s image and pride, and a boost in local investments in heritage resources and amenities that support tourism services.
  • Developing products that will assist in improving environmental considerations.
  • Strengthening social inclusion in communities


By recognizing the significant benefits that foreign workers bring to Canada, the LMIA exemption streamlines the hiring process and addresses critical labor market shortages. Also, a need for skilled contributors of economic, social and cultural benefits.

To learn more about the LMIA applications and how they can benefit your company today, reach out to find out more.

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