With the growing interconnectivity of our business world, many businesses and companies are looking to grow at a global level. For these businesses looking to expand overseas, the Intra-Company Transfer Program (ICT) can be a strategic solution to help these multinational companies optimize their workforce and enhance their competitive edge.

Understanding the Intra-Company Transfer Program (ICT)

The ICT program is part of the International Mobility Program (IMP) in Canada, which is designed to facilitate the transfer of key personnel within multinational companies. This means that businesses with branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates in Canada can transfer employees and allow them to work in Canadian branches. The primary objective is to enhance the management effectiveness and competitiveness of Canadian companies on the global stage.

Key Benefits of the Intra-Company Transfer Program

Greater Career Opportunities for Employees

 The ICT program opens doors for employees within the multinational corporation to explore new career opportunities in Canada. Especially for driven individuals seeking international exposure, this new opportunity offers greater career growth and the chance to contribute to the success of a Canadian branch or subsidiary. By offering employees the option of working in different locations, they can not only enhance their current skill set but also boost their long-term career development.

Knowledge and Skills Transfer

Another key advantage is the knowledge and skills transfer across borders, by allowing experienced employees to work in the Canadian branch. This transfer of knowledge can be invaluable for the local Canadian branch and workforce, as it encourages and promotes best practices from global operations.

Improves Employee Retention

 Having more global opportunities also improves employee retention; employees are more likely to stay committed to a company that invests in their professional development and offers diverse opportunities. The ICT program gives multinational companies a chance to retain valuable talent by allowing employees to advance their professional commitment. This, in turn, contributes to a positive corporate culture and enhances overall employee satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Instead of recruiting new talent locally, the ICT program allows companies to transfer existing employees, minimizing recruitment and onboarding costs. The existing employees will also be more familiar with the company’s values, processes, and goals, accelerating their integration into the Canadian branch. This means quicker productivity in the new branch, leading to cost savings as well.

Global Mobility and Business Expansion

Lastly, the ICT program is an avenue to help companies achieve global mobility and business expansion. As they can deploy their skilled workforce strategically, businesses can address specific needs in different branches. This flexibility contributes to the success of the Canadian branch as well as strengthens the overall global presence of the multinational corporation.

Navigating the Intra-Company Transfer Program

To leverage the benefits of the ICT program, companies must adhere to certain conditions and navigate the application process effectively.

Company Eligibility Criteria

 Foreign companies should have a genuine and pre-existing business relationship with the Canadian branch. This means the Canadian company should be a sister company, branch, affiliate, or foreign company subsidiary.

Employee Qualifications

Not all employees will meet the eligibility criteria for intra-company transfer, they need to demonstrate the necessity of the intra-company transfer for the company’s operations.

These employees will need to hold executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge positions within the company in order to qualify for a work permit under this scheme.


Learn About The ICT Program

All in all, the Intra-Company Transfer Program in Canada offers a valuable opportunity for multinational corporations to enhance global competitiveness and grow their Canadian branches.

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