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Benefits to your organization

The world is the Global Market. The best employees can quickly find employment in different countries like the USA, Australia, Gulf Region, Western European countries, or elsewhere. Canada should be the top country in the world by attracting international talents in various fields. In addition, to bringing international flair and diversity to your company, you can get hard-working and motivated employees who are eager to deserve their Canadian Permanent Residency. These employees would receive employer-specific work permits, usually on two-year periods. Work permits can be extended indefinitely.  

Our firm:

International workers have been essential to many industries in Canada, such as food production, hospitality, or transportation, for over 50 years. These workers fill vacant positions when Canadians can’t be found. During COVID-19, access to skilled international labor has become more complicated. Positions include seasonal as well as year-round jobs.

About LMIA applications:

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application requirements often change without announcement by the Government. Our firm monitors these changes and updates our systems to reduce the administrative work your and your team spend on this type of application so that you can focus on more important tasks: staff training, customer service and business development. Our goal is to make your business more productive by becoming your long-term strategic partner in recruiting. We can source and select excellent, dedicated and loyal workers to fill your employment vacancies.  Our team is uniquely positioned to assist you.  By way of background, most of our staff are immigrants who came to Canada to work in the hotel and hospitality industry before our careers in immigration and worker recruitment.

Steps in the International Recruitment Process:

Step 1:

You complete brief Premier Immigration Services Questionnaire, create Job Bank account, and add our company as a third-party representative. We would take it from there.

Step 2:

We posts and run your ads on your behalf for 28 days on 5 different websites in accordance with strict ESDC policy.

Step 3:

International recruitment process commences while you pre-screen Canadians/PRs

Step 4:

We arrange video interviews on MS Teams with candidates that have been pre-screened by us.

Step 5:

We create LMIA rationale, Submission Letter, all other relevant documents and file LMIA application. We prepare you for a quick interview with ESDC Officer.

Step 6:

LMIA is approved

Step 7:

We ensure that nominated workers are at an appropriate English Language Level.

Step 8:

We assist the nominated worker with their Work Permit application so that there are not delays in arrival due to worker error on application for Work Permit.

Step 9:

We assist workers with answers to their questions on settlement and arrival in Canada and if asked will ensure that workers are assisted from the airport on arrival to Canada.

Step 10:

PR LMIA Work Permit is a 2 year employer specific work permit .

Step 11:

We assist Temporary Foreign Workers with settlement and arrival services, airfare, accommodation selection, SIN application, opening bank accounts and more.

About Mr. Nikola Misina – Foreign Worker Employment Expert


Mr. Nikola Misina, President of Premier Immigration Services, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Colloquially known as the Wolf of Immigration by clients in Google reviews, Nikola Misina is an experienced and dedicated immigration practitioner and recruiter. He has extensive experience in the field of immigration, recruitment, foodservice and hospitality. Nikola Misina is now a naturalized Canadian citizen and his expertise in hospitality ranges from an education at the Swiss Hotel Management Institute, to working in the kitchens on cruise ships in international waters, working in the United States for Marriott, and ultimately resettling in Canada and becoming a successful partner and manager of the most productive franchise location in a restaurant chain for Western Canada.

Having been at the front and back of the house, Mr. Misina has a keen understanding of the challenges employers face when they cannot staff their operations appropriately domestically and must seek foreign talent.


How Mr. Misina can assist you with hiring foreign workers in Canada

Over the last several years, Mr. Misina has been exclusively focused on immigration for foreign workers and the recruitment of skilled workers for his network of employers facing labor and skills shortages. He has rapidly built a strong reputation in the industry amongst his employer network as a reliable and knowledgeable recruiter based on integrity and positive results for both employers and foreign workers. For temporary workers seeking employment in Canada, the employment division at Premier Immigration Services, led by Mr. Nikola Misina, has assisted hundreds in finding the appropriate pathway to deploy their skills assisting in their resettlement to Canada.

Some of our clients include:

We use mostly LMIA stream to support Permanent Residency if possible and in case of the skilled positions (NOC 0, A or B). With this stream, Work Permit will have 2-year validity. Most of the other streams support two-year work permits, while applicants on Low-wage LMIA will obtain a one-year work permit.

Less likely. They will need another ‘sponsor’ willing to go through the LMIA and Work Permit process. A work permit is employer-specific, location-specific and occupation-specific. Our company provides 18 months ‘free replacement guarantee’. Please ask us for details.

Wages offered to temporary foreign workers should be similar to wages paid to Canadian and permanent resident employees hired for the same job and work location and with similar skills and years of experience. For this program, employers must pay the prevailing wage, which is defined as higher of 

  1. Median wage on the Job Bank:
  2. The average wage you are paying your current employees 

Consequently, you will need to adjust foreign workers’ rate of pay as per Job Bank median rate of pay

PR LMIA Stream supporting skilled occupations doesn’t require an employer to pay for accommodation or transportation. In the case of Low-wage LMIAs, you would need to pay those expenses.

Your costs will be the same or less than hiring a foreign worker. In addition to $1,000 government fee, there is our recruitment fee as well. We see that as an investment with a high rate of return rather than expenses.

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